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ChatGPT personalized prompts for email and messages

  • 70% lower LinkedIn costs and efforts

  • 80% less analysis and message creation time

  • 200% higher contact response rates

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Recruiters know that over 70% of the best candidates aren't looking. They won't send you a resume. To find them requires using expensive tools like LinkedIn Recruiter. Even then, stats show 86% don't respond or they get hired elsewhere. Sales and marketing pros know that less than 2% of leads convert to opportunities. What if you could use the power of ChatGPT AI and neuroscience to double your response and conversion rates while reducing time, efforts, and costs?


ChatGPT AI can be a game-changer, but you need to create correct prompts or it's bad in equals bad out. RemotelyMe's does this for you in 30 seconds. Simply use our LinkedIn app to extract a contact's LinkedIn details. Using AI and neuroscience, we determine their attributes and communication preferences. We then create the optimal ChatGPT AI prompt that includes keywords, attributes, tone, experience, skills, interests, and accomplishments. Just copy and paste the prompt into the included ChatGPT Copy Creator and instantly generate an email or message that's human-sounding with details about the contact, as well as profile-personalized phrases that will improve resonance and response rates. ChatGEM (Generative Effective Messaging) uses the most advanced and creative ChatGPT AI model.

  • 70% savings on LinkedIn Recruiter and InMail costs

  • 80% savings on LinkedIn contact analysis and message creation

  • 200% increase in contact resonance and response rates

"We can now reduce our custom message templates from almost 1,000 down to only one." 

                                                                                                                   -CHRO, Leading Telecom Firm

Experience the power of in three simple steps...
1. Find a contact on LinkedIn
2. Extract profile data with one click

3. Copy the auto-created prompt and paste it into the included ChatGPT AI Copy Creator*

Within 30 seconds, you'll see a human-sounding message that includes LinkedIn skills, interests, experience, and accomplishments mingled with profile keywords, attributes, and optimal tone to ensure improved resonance and response.

* uses the most advanced and creative ChatGPT model. Up to 500,000 words per month usage is included with, with a 0.05 per word cost thereafter


Motivate LinkedIn contacts to Connect by using an exclusive LinkedIn Group invitation...

RemotelyMe manages the LinkedIn Leaders Forum Group. Your subscription includes the ability to entice prospects or candidates to Connect with you by inviting them to join the group. This can increase Connect rates by 3X, which can increase response rates and eliminate costly LinkedIn InMail fees.

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