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  • Direct access to 1M+ veterans and their relatives in our network

  • Indirect access to 4.4M American Legion and VFW veteran members

  • Certified High Trust Professionals with skills matched to your job requirements

  • Fill your candidate pipeline quickly and affordably with qualified professionals

  • Candidates are fully assessed for soft skills, leadership and trust factors

  • Ensure DE&I and receive tax credits for qualified veterans

  • Includes Learning & Development platform for onboarding and training

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RemotelyMe has partnered with an award-winning veterans nonprofit to bring you exclusive access to a network of 1M+ veterans and their relatives.

​Promote your brand and fill your candidate pipeline from our network of over one million veterans and their relatives. Candidates include both transitioning veterans and those who've been in the private sector for years. RemotelyMe certifies all candidates delivered as High Trust Professionals and matches their hard and soft skills against your job requirements. Our service is free to veterans and their relatives who frequently visit the RemotelyMe ViNES job board. They also use our Learning & Development Platform to improve their soft skills, trust factors, and leadership skills. You can now reach these certified High Trust Professionals and diversify your workforce quickly and affordably. You can also offer FREE Visual Neuroscience Assessments and L&D platform seats to any current employees who are veterans or relatives of veterans.


  • Promote your brand to 1M+ veterans and their relatives in the U.S.

  • Guaranteed number of qualified candidates in your pipeline monthly

  • Candidates matched against job requirements with AI, O*NET & neuroscience data

  • Display your logo, ads, and videos on the job board and L&D platform

  • Inform these professionals about your firm in a bi-weekly newsletter

  • Gain Us4Warriors influence for veteran employer awards with the VA, National Guard, AL, etc.

  • Pre-assess other candidates with RemotelyMe's LinkedIn AI PDQAPP

  • Entice and win candidates with science-based trust building playbooks

  • Detailed reports with scores, strengths, attributes, learning styles, and soft skills

  • DE&I and team balance metrics displayed in a robust dashboard

  • Track candidates with a built-in ATS that integrates with your HRIS

  • Auto-create personalized messages with NLP-based ChatGPT prompts

  • Leverage our built-in ChatGPT to create optimal job descriptions

  • Screen your other candidates with RemotelyMe's Visual Neuroscience Assessments

  • Transition and onboard veterans with our personalized Career Advancement Platform

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Max 6 spots

  • Priority access to 1M+ veterans

  • Guaranteed 10 qualified pipeline candidates per month

  • Logo, tagline, & ad copy on job board and L&D platform

  • Video ad produced by RemotelyMe

  • Bi-weekly newsletter article written by RemotelyMe

  • 10 LinkedIn AI PDQAPP licenses for recruiters

  • 500 Neuroscience Assessments/mo

  • 50 Learning & Develop platform seats

  • National publicity to 4.4M American Legion & VFW members

  • Money back guarantee


Max 12 spots

  • Priority access to 1M+ veterans

  • Guaranteed 5 qualified pipeline candidates per month

  • Logo, tagline, & ad copy on job board and L&D platform

  • Logo & tagline in bi-weekly newsletter

  • 5 LinkedIn AI PDQAPP licenses for recruiters

  • 250 Neuroscience Assessments/mo

  • 25 Learning & Develop platform seats

  • National publicity to 4.4M American Legion & VFW members

  • Money back guarantee


Max 24 spots

  • Priority access to 1M+ veterans

  • Guaranteed 2 qualified pipeline candidates per month

  • Logo & tagline on job board and L&D platform

  • Logo in bi-weekly newsletter

  • 2 LinkedIn AI PDQAPP licenses for recruiters

  • 125 Neuroscience Assessments/mo

  • 13 Learning & Develop platform seats

  • National publicity to 4.4M American Legion & VFW members

  • Money back guarantee


Max 48 spots

  • Priority access to 1M+ veterans

  • Guaranteed 1 qualified pipeline candidate per month

  • Logo on job board and L&D platform

  • 1 LinkedIn AI PDQAPP license for recruiter

  • 50 Neuroscience Assessments/mo

  • 5 Learning & Develop platform seats

  • National publicity to 4.4M American Legion & VFW members

  • Money back guarantee




Most tests were invented decades ago and use text, which only appeals to 10% of your decision-making brain.


Almost all are annoying, take 45-minutes, use either/or questions, and only have a 30% completion rate.


Virtually none use neuroscience or AI, are mostly anecdotal, and have only 50 to 75% validity.


Nearly all tests are costly, complex, and may be legally risky given outdated DE&I questions and approaches.




Only RemotelyMe uses visual neuroscience that accesses 100% of your decision-making brain.


Our brains process images 60K times faster, so the CQ Assessment takes 9 minutes with a 97% completion rate.


RemotelyMe's visual neuroscience ensures an industry-leading 93% Cronbach's Alpha validity. 


RemotelyMe removes DE&I bias, is EEOC compliant, legally safe, and far less cost than most others.


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Almost 80% of firms are struggling to find top talent. There's a shortage of almost 5 million cybersecurity professionals today, and according to Korn Ferry, there will be a global shortage of 85 million workers by 2030. When you do find the best candidates, almost 90% say no, and only 54% last longer than 18 months. Traditional solutions for finding and profiling talent are decades-old, not based on science, are too complex, and are usually not affordable. Most importantly, few assess for critical soft skills and none assess for trust.

LinkedIn studies show that a lack of the right soft skills account for 90% of the reason why employees fail. Gallup and Deloitte studies validate that high trust employees drive 400% more performance, 79% more productivity, and 20% more profit. What if there was a way you could pre-assess candidates for soft skills and match them against industry data and attributes for top performing professionals in those roles? What if you could also fully assess for trust factors to avoid costly bad hires? And what if you could have guaranteed qualified candidates to fill your pipeline who are veterans or relatives of veterans and are certified High Trust Professionals?

Visual Neuroscience Assessments

  • We assess eight critical soft skills that drive success for specific roles (based on ChatGPT, O*NET, SHRM & Aventi Group data)

  • We match neuroscience-based attributes & profiles against top performing professionals in similar roles

  • We assess for trust factors that can drive 400% more performance and 79% more productivity

LinkedIn Pre-Assessments & ChatGPT Messaging

  • Pre-assess other candidates for soft skills using AI and neuroscience with the RemotelyMe LinkedIn app

  • Fully assess other candidates for job requirements and trust factors with the RemotelyMe CQ Assessment

  • Use ChatGPT and neuroscience to find candidates, create job descriptions, and personalize messages


Augment Recruiting Teams or Agencies:

  • Leverage RemotelyMe's veteran and LinkedIn networks and groups to find the best passive talent

  • Dramatically lower time and effort with pre-assessment scoring and ChatGPT personalized messaging

  • Enhance candidate and DE&I data and easily integrate with your ATS or HRIS


“This groundbreaking app with automated ChatGPT personalized prompts can save hundreds of hours analyzing contacts and personalizing messages.” –VP Talent Acquisition, Talend/Qlik

“RemotelyMe’s app is way better than personality apps and will save us thousands on LinkedIn InMail and licensing costs.” --VP, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate




High Trust Business Certified

Become a certified high-trust business to drive...

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What's our secret sauce, and how can it make a difference?

Start With Who ~ How Small to Medium Businesses Can Win Big with Trust and a Story

Validated neuroscience

Studies validate that trust is directly related to brain oxytocin. If it's high we trust. If not, we don't. RemotelyMe's patent pending system uniquely uses Visual Neuroscience to determine trust and critical soft skills.


Mike Paton and Mark O'Donnell, former and current Visionaries (CEOs) of EOS Worldwide, wrote the Foreword to the book Start With Who™, authored by W. Craig Reed, a New York Times bestselling author with a Harvard University Neuroscience Certification. Ken Blanchard, co-author of The New One Minute Manager®, says the book is "fascinating and...thought provoking." Reed's book validates the AI and neuroscience used by RemotelyMe--a veteran-owned business running on EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System). RemotelyMe's groundbreaking approach transcends text-based assessments that are 20% less accurate and 3X+ more expensive. If you run on EOS, so does RemotelyMe and we're an approved licensed EOS Worldwide partner with EOS Implementers® on our Advisory Board. Learn why EOS Implementers®, Visionaries™, and Integrators™ put their trust in RemotelyMe.


Visit for more information on his latest books.

RemotelyMe runs on EOS
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