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Learning & Development

  • Neuroscience-personalized career advancement platform

  • Increase retention by 87% and productivity by 77% (Deloitte)

  • Survey for trust to improve performance by 400% (Deloitte)

  • Free and low-cost training courses for soft skills, leadership, trust factors

  • Behavioral science check-in surveys replace or augment engagement surveys 


Traditional Courses & Surveys


Most were invented decades ago and use text, which only appeals to 10% of your decision-making brain.


Almost all are annoying, take too long, use either/or questions, and only have a 30% completion rate.


Virtually none use neuroscience or AI, are mostly anecdotal, and have only 50 to 75% validity.


Nearly all are costly, complex, and may be legally risky given outdated DE&I content and questions.




Only RemotelyMe uses visual neuroscience that accesses 100% of your decision-making brain.


Our brains process images 60K times faster, so the CQ Surveys takes 5 minutes with a 97% completion rate.


RemotelyMe's visual neuroscience ensures an industry-leading 93% Cronbach's Alpha validity. 


RemotelyMe removes DE&I bias, is EEOC compliant, legally safe, and far less cost than most others.


White Waves
RemotelyMe Professional Development Services

Gallup studies reveal the shocking truth that almost 80% of employees don't trust employers, and almost 80% are disengaged. Low trust is costing firms almost $9 trillion annually. Even more concerning, almost 80% of new hires will fail, quit, or quiet quit with 18 months. Korn Ferry says there will be a global shortage of 85 million workers by 2030, so retaining your best talent is more critical than ever. Traditional solutions for employee engagement or learning and development are decades-old, not based on science, are too complex, and are usually not affordable. All surveys are text-based, which only appearl to 10% of your decision-making brain, are annoying, have low validity, and are mistrusted by employees. Most training courses focus on hard skills, even though recent studies from LinkedIn and others show that 90% of employee failure is due to a lack of soft skills, not hard skills. 


Recent Deloitte studies validate that high trust employees drive 400% more performance, 88% more customer loyalty, and 79% more productivity. What if there was a way you could use visual neuroscience to assess teams for soft skill strengths as related to their roles? What if you could also assess and survey for trust factors and leadership situations with a 93% Cronbach's Alpha validity (as compared to 50%)? What if you could use behavioral science to personalize learning and development programs to increase scores for soft skills, trust factors, and leadership capabilities? With RemotelyMe's Career Advancement Platform, you can.


Visual Neuroscience Assessments

  • Assess eight critical soft skills that drive success for specific roles (based on ONET, SHRM & Aventi Group data)

  • Match neuroscience-based attributes & profiles against top performing professionals in similar roles

  • Assess and survey for trust factors that can drive more engagement, productivity, and retention

Personalized Career Advancement & Trust-Building

  • Empower your valuable talent with profile-personalized portals that include soft skills training courses

  • Increase team motivation and retention by offering leadership and trust-building courses

  • Attract and retain the best talent by providing them with a path to certify as High Trust Professionals


Next Generation Employee Engagement

  • Ensure DE&I and transcend obsolete and expensive annual employee engagement surveys

  • Offer behavioral science check-in surveys with recommendations to improve trust factors and wellness

  • Personalize and ensure engagement with AI and neuroscience versus traditional one-size-fits-all


“Ensuring employee wellness and trust building with personalization can transform a business into a formidable competitor in the marketplace.” –VP Talent Acquisition, Talend/Qlik

“Using neuroscience to understand what makes a high performer is transformational to ensure the right people are in the right seats.” --VP, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate


Empower teams to become certified High-Trust Professionals that drive...





  • Use our visual neuroscience to assess your team for soft skills & trust factors 

  • Use our LinkedIn AI app & ChatGPT to find and assess high trust candidates

  • Use our profiling, LinkedIn data & ChatGPT to personalize messages


  • Use O*NET data & ChatGPT AI to match talent with optimal soft skills

  • Match soft & hard skills against top performers in similar positions

  • Improve performance by 400% & eliminate engagement surveys


  • Use our neuroscience-personalized platform to increase soft skills & trust

  • Use our no & low-cost courses to personalize learning & development

  • Increase retention & productivity by certifying High Trust Professionals

Brain Scans
RemotelyMe Process

RemotelyMe uses a groundbreaking process to screen, analyze, and fully assess Candidates to ensure you're placing the right people in the right seats in the right way. Using our LinkedIn App, we extract Candidate data from LinkedIn (or a resume) and use AI and neuroscience to pre-assess and match experience and soft skills against requirements. This saves hours of time and allows you to prioritize Candidates. We then use ChatGPT to analyze job requirements and roles against Candidate experience, and also determine optimal soft skills for the position. We've also completed an O*NET role requirements and soft skills analysis for dozens of occupations. Optionally, you can assess top performers in your firm and add an analysis match against their attributes and soft skills.


Most importantly, using our patent pending CQ Assessment, we can uniquely determine TRUST FACTORS, soft skills balance, a neuroscience-based profile match to the job requirements, and a learning style analysis. The latter is used in our Trust Communications Playbooks to help you engage with and entice Candidates, and allow your teams to better engage with each other. Activity and Stress scores are based on Candidate answers on the CQ Assessment. Activity and stress factors can influence brain oxytocin, which can impact trust factors. Also, the position may require the ability to deal with reasonable stress. If the score is too low, this may not be optimal.

We recommended assessing your current team, starting with the executives or leaders within a department, such as Sales. By matching soft skills and attributes against optimal position performance data, you can extend your people analysis to ensure the right people are in the right seats. When trust or soft/hard skills scores are a bit low, or where individuals want to work toward future promotions, they can use our personalized Career Advancement Platform to learn and grow. Certifying as a High Trust Business can help your firm attain 400% more performance, 88% more customer loyalty, and 79% more productivity while lower costs and efforts.

Non-profit helps underserved youth

The Kollab Youth Workforce Development Program is a 501(c)3 public charity organization created for under resourced middle and high school students. The Kollab program helps them explore career opportunities in business, STEM, and other emerging 21st century careers that are high-growth and high-wage. The Kollab youth receive mentorship from industry experts and earn resume-worthy work experience through paid apprenticeships and internships. RemotelyMe designed a young-adult version of our CQ assessment that allows the Kollab youth to better understand their professional and personal strengths, attributes, and optimal career choices. The youth rave about the results and agree the profiles help guide them to the right jobs. Mentors at leading firms like Wells Fargo, T-Mobile, and Target also find great value in using the Communications Playbooks to understand and engage with these "Gen-Z" young adults, and nurture them for intern and apprenticeship programs.

Kollab Kwiz

The Right People. The Right Seats. The Right Way.™

"This platform has really helped us focus on the individual youth and their attributes as they get exposed to the various opportunities ahead of them in their future"  Mary Hewitt CEO Kollab Youth

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