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RemotelyMe uses EOS® processes and
our solutions are optimized for EOS

The Right People

You can use my one-click LinkedIn app to pre-assess and my 9-minute neuroscience visual experience to fully assess candidates for soft skills, core values, GWC, and TRUST.

Hi, I'm C-QUIZ. I can help enhance your People Analyzer™ with my Three Uniques™

The Right Seats

I can do unbiased and EEOC-compliant talent assessments to match your top performers and position requirements against candidate scores and profiles.

The Right Way

You can use my ChatGPT AI personalized messaging & recruiting playbooks to help you engage with and win candidates, and my executive dashboards for DE&I.

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EOS Optimized

Mike Paton and Mark O'Donnell, former and current Visionaries (CEOs) of EOS Worldwide, wrote the Foreword to the book Start With Who™, authored by W. Craig Reed, a New York Times bestselling author with a Harvard University Neuroscience Certification. Ken Blanchard, co-author of The New One Minute Manager®, says the book is "fascinating and...thought provoking." Reed's book validates the AI and neuroscience used by RemotelyMe uses EOS processes and we have a passion to help other EOS companies succeed. RemotelyMe's groundbreaking approach transcends text-based assessments that only appeal to 10% of our decision-making brains.


Visit for more info on his latest books.

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The Right People. The Right Seats. The Right Way.™

Firm using EOS avoids bad hire

A consulting firm using EOS processes with dozens of blue-chip clients wanted to avoid a costly mistake. If they placed a consulting contractor with a client, and they quit or failed, it could damage their brand. Moreover, they risked losing a multi-million-dollar client. RemotelyMe had their top performers complete 9-minute CQ assessments to score soft skills, trust factors, attributes, strengths, experience, GWC, and core values against roles. In every case, these top formers had high marks--validating the system.


The RemotelyMe LinkedIn app allowed them to proactively find candidates and pre-assess for position fit prior to contacting them. Shortlist candidates then completed the CQ assessment and were matched against top performers. The results were eye-opening and allowed them to augment their People Analyzer to avoid hiring "bad apples" that could damage their reputation and risk losing valuable clients.

EOS is registered trademark, People Analyzer and Three Uniques are trademarks of EOS Worldwide.

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