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  • Understanding Gartner & Forrester Human Risk Managment for HR & Security Teams
    Understanding Gartner & Forrester Human Risk Managment for HR & Security Teams
    Tue, Jul 09
    Video Call
    Jul 09, 2024, 8:00 AM – 8:50 AM PDT
    Video Call
    Gartner & Forrester say Human Risk Management (HRM) is now required for security & HR to prevent breaches and ensure NIST, CIS, PCI & HR compliance. Outdated HR practices & security awareness training could cost your firm millions. Learn why HRM is now the future for security & HR.

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October 2023

"Using AI & Science to Find & Hire Veterans"

Tony Stewart, CEO of Us4Warriors & Former Admin Director at Naval Special Warfare Basic Training Command (Navy's Training Command for SEAL & SWCC warfighters), joins Bill Reed, CEO of RemotelyMe, to discuss the military & veteran community and the potential of using AI to find and hire veterans. They explore challenges translating military skills, myths about veterans, and advanced solutions like skills-matching and personality assessments to connect veterans with civilian roles that leverage their unique experiences.


Fireside Chat

August 2023

"How ChatGPT, AI & Neuroscience can solve trust, soft skill & security issues to drive more business performance"

Former CHRO of Walmart & Dish Network David Scott joins EOS® expert Walt Brown in a chat with Bill Reed of RemotelyMe about using AI, neuroscience & ChatGPT to solve trust, soft skills & security issues. They discuss the business impacts of low trust & disengaged employees, and explore advanced solutions like personality assessments, specialized learning tracks & responsible AI to drive performance, productivity & security.



Most tests were invented decades ago and use text, which only appeals to 10% of your decision-making brain.


Almost all are annoying, take 45-minutes, use either/or questions, and only have a 30% completion rate.


Virtually none use neuroscience or AI, are mostly anecdotal, and have only 50 to 75% validity.


Nearly all tests are costly, complex, and may be legally risky given outdated DE&I questions and approach.




Only RemotelyMe uses visual neuroscience that accesses 100% of your decision-making brain.


Our brains process images 60K times faster, so the CQ Assessment takes 9 minutes with a 97% completion rate.


RemotelyMe's visual neuroscience ensures an industry-leading 93% Cronbach's Alpha validity. 


RemotelyMe removes DE&I bias, is EEOC compliant, legally safe, and far less cost than most others.


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What's our secret sauce, and how can it make a difference?

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