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Measure & improve employee disengagement that leads to security breaches, safety incidents & quiet quitting

"You can’t improve what you don’t measure."  -Peter Drucker

RemotelyMe uniquely measures and improves soft skills, trust, and leadership abilities.

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NIST CSF 2.0, CIS18 PCI DSS 4.0, and NIS2 compliance mandates now have "people" requirements for communications, risk-aware cultures, roles, responsibilities, supply chains, and HR practices. CHROs must now collaborate with CIOs and CISOs or risk millions in ransomware, audit failure, brand damage, and litigation. RemotelyMe offers the only solution that helps you ensure full compliance while solving recruiting, retention & training challenges.

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CHROs know that finding, retaining, and training top talent is harder than ever. Gallup says almost 80% of workers don't trust employers and are disengaged, leading to 70% more safety incidents, higher attrition, and lower profitability.


Harvard and LinkedIn say 90% of job failure is due to soft skills, and only 10% of corporate training programs are effective. Few focus on soft skills and none improve trust factors.

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RemotelyMe is the first to map biomarkers to predict which workers may be engaged or disengaged--and therefore prone to mistakes that lead to incidents. Our patent pending and proven solutions determine neurotransmitter balances related to soft skills, attributes, stress situations, leadership, trust, and risk factors.


Harvard University and LinkedIn say over 85% of job failures are due to soft skills. What if you could match your team's soft skills to roles and responsibilities? What if you could flag risks before they lead to bad press? Should Susan be on your sales or customer service team? Is Bob disgruntled and prone to mistakes and safety incidents? How can you tell without causing "big brother" concerns?

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“Ensuring employee wellness and trust building with personalization can transform a business into a formidable competitor in the marketplace.” –VP Talent Acquisition, Talend/Qlik

“Using neuroscience to understand what makes a high performer is transformational to ensure the right people are in the right seats.” --VP, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate

"I'm an Advisory Board Member for RemotelyMe and the head of HR at a global manufacturing firm. I've known the leadership of RemotelyMe and been deeply involved with the company for more than a year. They're experienced and tenured leaders that are laser focused on executing their strategic mission. Their ability to learn and integrate that learning into their plans is exceptional." --Nick DeNardo, VP Global HR, Rain Carbon

A new experience everyone loves...

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RemotelyMe runs on EOS




Have your team complete the RemotelyMe Career Quotient Indicator (CQI) assessment in 9 minutes.


RemotelyMe completes an analysis for soft skills, attributes, strengths, leadership qualities, trust factors, and risk issues and provides detailed reports in a dashboard. Reports and dashboards also show business cyber risk and category risk scores, as well as compliance risks scores for NIST and other frameworks and mandates. Included are toolkits, awareness posters, training reports, and more.

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The HERMAN LEARN training platform includes dozens of security & awareness training courses that are fast, visual, and entertaining. You can also run phishing simulations to test effectiveness. Unlike other HRM solutions, our courses are personalized based on learner types (determined by CQI assessments) to ensure 60% higher content retention.


Forrester and Gartner say basic training is no longer adequate. HERMAN LEARN helps you create a high-trust, low-risk security culture by also offering courses to improve trust, soft skills, engagement, and leadership skills. HERMAN LEARN prescribes continuous "checkups" to improve scores for each individual and ensure they're engaged and low risk. They can certify as High Trust Accredited Professionals, which impresses auditors and provides your firm with a competitive advantage.

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HERMAN HR includes HERMAN PDQ to cut recruiting time in half and eliminate bad hires. 

Step 1. Find a contact on LinkedIn

Step 2. Extract and analyze profile data with cognitive AI and neuroscience with one click

Step 3. Within 30 seconds, you'll see a profile and ChatGPT generated prompts for email, LinkedIn or phone messages that include LinkedIn skills, interests, experience, and more mingled with neuroscience-profile keywords, attributes, and optimal tone to ensure improved resonance and response. All written in the contact's native language! You'll also see a trust-building playbook to entice them to respond.

When ready, convert contacts into candidates and use the includes Applicant Tracking System to score and analyze risks, trust factors, leadership situations, soft skills matched to job requirements, and yellow or red flags. Send candidates a link to take the HERMAN CQI Assessment with only one click.


* uses the most advanced and creative ChatGPT model. Up to 500,000 words per month usage is included with, with a 0.05 per word cost thereafter

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Join us on our mission to change the world of work.


in partnership with

  • Quickly and affordably promote your brand and jobs to 3M+ Veterans and their families

  • Recruit hard-to-find veterans via our combined networks and platforms

  • Improve conversion and retention rates by 211% and score for soft skills and trust factors

  • Reduce costs and efforts with a LinkedIn AI pre-assessment app and less InMail or advertising

  • Improve onboarding, transitioning & retention with Veteran-optimized HR solutions

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Only RemotelyMe uses visual neuroscience to accurately evaluate 100% of your decision-making brain.


Our brains process images 60K times faster, so we only take 9 minutes with a 97% completion rate.


RemotelyMe's visual neuroscience ensures an industry-leading 93% Cronbach's Alpha validity. 


RemotelyMe removes DE&I bias, is EEOC compliant, legally safe, and far less cost than most others.



Only RemotelyMe measures & improves these...

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Real estate firm saves thousands

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PROBLEMS: A Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate office had a big problem. Over 85% of their agents were failing or quitting within 18 months...costing tens of thousands in recruiting, onboarding, training, and lost revenue.

SOLUTIONS: We helped them solve this issue by using CQI Assessments to analyze their top performers as compared to those with concerns. All top performers had lower scores for risks related to retention, performance, and security. All had high scores for trust, soft skills, and job/culture fit. Also, we identified four profile biomarkers related to higher success. We all have a brain chemical called oxytocin. When it's high, we trust. When it's not, we don't. Deloitte says higher trust can drive 400% more performance and 88% more customer loyalty. RemotelyMe uniquely measures and improves trust factors.

RESULTS: Now this real estate firm can assess agents and candidates to dramatically improve engagement, retention, and revenue by ensuring the right people are in the right seats. The RemotelyMe Communications Playbooks can also help them entice and "sell" top candidates to join their agency instead of a competitive firm. Agents can use the RemotelyMe PDQAPP to profile clients on LinkedIn to improve relationships and sales. This will save tens of thousands while also dramatically improving listings and revenue.

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Green = Top Performers   Red = Concerns

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The Right People. The Right Seats. The Right Way.™

Non-profit helps underserved youth

The Kollab Youth Workforce Development Program is a 501(c)3 public charity organization created for under resourced middle and high school students. The Kollab program helps them explore career opportunities in business, STEM, and other emerging 21st century careers that are high-growth and high-wage. The Kollab youth receive mentorship from industry experts and earn resume-worthy work experience through paid apprenticeships and internships. RemotelyMe designed a young-adult version of our CQ assessment that allows the Kollab youth to better understand their professional and personal strengths, attributes, and optimal career choices. The youth rave about the results and agree the profiles help guide them to the right jobs. Mentors at leading firms like Wells Fargo, T-Mobile, and Target also find great value in using the Communications Playbooks to understand and engage with these "Gen-Z" young adults, and nurture them for intern and apprenticeship programs.

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The Right People. The Right Seats. The Right Way.™

"This platform has really helped us focus on the individual youth and their attributes as they get exposed to the various opportunities ahead of them in their future"  Mary Hewitt CEO Kollab Youth


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