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Visual Talent Assessments

Pre-assess LinkedIn profiles in 1-minute with cognitive AI

Assess soft skills & trust in 9-minutes with visual neuroscience




Black Fabric

The Past...

Traditional assessments are obsolete

86% of candidates are hired by competitors

90% of bad hires are due to lack of soft skills

$240,000 average cost for one bad hire

Hi, I'm C-QUIZ 

Your new talent assessment partner.

The Right People

I can use AI to help you proactively find rock star passive candidates on LinkedIn and pre-assess them with one click to ensure they're the right people.

The Right Seats

I can assess your current team and match their profiles against position data, soft skills, culture fit, and TRUST to ensure they're in the right seats.

The Right Way

I can use neuroscience to match your top performer profiles against candidate profiles, and help you win candidates by using my NLP Recruiting Playbooks.

"RemotelyMe does for visual talent assessments what Zoom did for visual communications."

 -VP HR, Leading Tech Firm

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I'm Unique in 3 Ways...

The Right People

You can use my one-click LinkedIn app to pre-assess and my 9-minute neuroscience visual experience to fully assess candidates for soft skills, culture fit, and TRUST factors.

The Right Seats

I can do unbiased and EEOC-compliant talent assessments to match your top performers and position requirements against candidate scores and profiles.

The Right Way

You can use my recruiting playbooks to help you engage with and win candidates, and my DE&I executive dashboards to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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Blue Smoke

The future is here...

The clear difference