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​RemotelyMe is a Pepperdine Most Fundable Company Silver Award winner. If you're familiar with Pepperdine's process, then you know many Venture Capitalists (VCs) say it surpasses their own due diligence. Pepperdine uses a proprietary algorithm and dozens of industry experts to review over 3,000 startups and select the most likely to succeed. Nearly all winners receive funding, and many are oversubscribed. RemotelyMe won a Silver Award as we solve the #1 workplace problem with disruptive visual neuroscience and cognitive AI. We have revenue, traction, a proven team, and patent pending IP. The Pepperdine due diligence assessment data can be confidentially downloaded below.

What does RemotelyMe do? We’re a veteran-owned business on a mission to change the world of work. Pre-employment talent assessments are used by 82% of companies, but they’re obsolete. The most popular was invented 50+ years ago, has low validity (~65%), low completion rates, and can’t discern for key soft skills or trust factors. RemotelyMe's Talent Appraisements™ use patent-pending visual neuroscience and cognitive AI with 93% validity to help you know your true strengths and ideal career path. Think of us as Myers Briggs or Predictive Index on massive steroids where neuroscience biotech meets AI work tech.


Our Board Advisors include CxOs from Southwest Airlines, Walmart, ADT, Royal Caribbean, Udemy, Highspot, HMA Healthtech, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, and many others. We run on the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) using Lean Six Sigma processes, and we've partnered with EOS Worldwide to reach 170,000 clients. Two EOS Worldwide Visionaries (CEOs) wrote the Forward to our CEO's next book, Start With Who, that Ken Blanchard says is "thought provoking" and a Workday Vice President says is the next gen beyond Simon Sinek's Start With Why.


We also partner with two award-winning veteran's nonprofits to offer our customers access to 8M+ veterans and families to fill recruiting pipelines, while also fulfilling our passion and purpose to serve our fellow veterans and their families. In addition to potentially earning high multiples on your investment*, you have the opportunity to change the working world while giving back to those who have given so much to us.


*Does not constitute a guarantee or forward-looking statement

Our Customers

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Our Awards

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Our Board Advisors

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Join us on our mission to change the world of work.



  • Quickly and affordably promote brands and jobs to our network of 8M+ veterans and their families

  • Increase application rates from 11% to 97% while scoring for soft skills and trust factors

  • And...reduce costs and efforts by eliminating veteran job fairs, LinkedIn InMail, and advertising

  • Improve onboarding, transitioning & retention with veteran-optimized Learning & Development

Your investment will help thousands of veterans

Executive Summary

Summary of RemotelyMe's investment opportunity

Business Plan

RemotelyMe business plan with GTM, IP, and process details

Pitch Deck

5-min PowerPoint presentation with investment details


5-year bottoms up forecast with spending and sales detail



Most tests were invented decades ago and use text, which only appeals to 10% of your decision-making brain.


Almost all are confusing, take ~45-minutes, use either/or questions, and only have a 30% completion rate.


Virtually none use neuroscience or AI, are mostly anecdotal, and have only ~65% validity.


Nearly all tests are costly, complex, and may be legally risky given outdated DE&I questions and approaches.




Only RemotelyMe uses visual neuroscience that appraises 100% of your decision-making brain.


Our brains process images 60K times faster, so the CQ Appraisement takes 9 minutes with a 97% completion rate.


RemotelyMe's visual neuroscience ensures an industry-leading 93% Cronbach's Alpha validity. 


RemotelyMe removes DE&I bias, is EEOC compliant, legally safe, and far less cost than most others.


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What's our secret sauce, and how can it make a difference?

Start With Who ~ How Small to Medium Businesses Can Win Big with Trust and a Story

Validated neuroscience

Studies validate that trust is directly related to brain oxytocin. If it's high we trust. If not, we don't. RemotelyMe's patent pending system uniquely uses Visual Neuroscience to determine trust and critical soft skills.


Mike Paton and Mark O'Donnell, former and current Visionaries (CEOs) of EOS Worldwide, wrote the Foreword to the book Start With Who™, authored by W. Craig Reed, a New York Times bestselling author with a Harvard University Neuroscience Certification. Ken Blanchard, co-author of The New One Minute Manager®, says the book is "fascinating and...thought provoking." Reed's book validates the AI and neuroscience used by RemotelyMe--a veteran-owned business running on EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System). RemotelyMe's groundbreaking approach transcends text-based assessments that are 20% less accurate and 3X+ more expensive. If you run on EOS, so does RemotelyMe and we're an approved licensed EOS Worldwide partner with EOS Implementers® on our Advisory Board. Learn why EOS Implementers®, Visionaries™, and Integrators™ put their trust in RemotelyMe.


Visit for more information on his latest books.

RemotelyMe runs on EOS
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Thank you for taking the time to review RemotelyMe's investment information. Click below to request more information or to try our solutions. USE THE CODE RMR50 at checkout to receive a 50% discount on any of our solutions for life!

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