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RemotelyMe for IT Talent

RemotelyMe is dedicated to helping organizations find and retain high-trust IT and security professionals for the right seats in the right way by leveraging neuroscience and our large network of technology professionals.

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Over 95% of firms are struggling to find top IT talent. There's a shortage of almost 5 million cybersecurity professionals today, and there will be a global shortage of 85 million tech workers by 2030. When you do find the best candidates, almost 90% say no, and only 54% last longer than 18 months. Traditional solutions for finding and profiling talent are decades-old, not based on science, are too complex, and are usually not affordable. Most importantly, few assess for critical soft skills and none assess for trust.


LinkedIn studies show that a lack of the right soft skills account for 90% of the reason why employees fail. Scientific studies validate that high trust employees drive 76% more engagement, 50% more productivity, and 20% more profit. What if there was a way you could pre-assess candidates for soft skills and match them against industry data and attributes for top performing technology professionals? What if you could also assess for trust factors to avoid costly bad hires? And what if you could do this starting at only $19?


Visual Neuroscience Assessments:

  • Assess eight critical soft skills that drive IT & security professional success (based on ONET, SHRM & Aventi Group data)

  • Match neuroscience-based attributes & profiles against top performing IT & security professionals

  • Assess for trust factors that can drive 76% more engagement & 50% more productivity

LinkedIn Pre-Assessments & ChatGPT Messaging:

  • Pre-assess candidates for soft skills using AI and neuroscience with the RemotelyMe LinkedIn app

  • Fully assess candidates for job requirements and trust factors with the RemotelyMe CQ Assessment

  • Personalize messages to candidates with RemotelyMe's automated ChatGPT prompts


Turnkey Service or Do-It-Yourself System:

  • Leverage RemotelyMe's veteran & LinkedIn networks & groups to find the best passive talent

  • Let RemotelyMe do all the work for you with our affordable turnkey service

  • Or...use our simple yet powerful recruiting platform that can integrate with your HRIS


“This groundbreaking app with automated ChatGPT personalized prompts can save hundreds of hours analyzing contacts and personalizing messages.” –VP Talent Acquisition, Talend/Qlik

“RemotelyMe’s app is way better than personality apps and will save us thousands on LinkedIn InMail and licensing costs.” --VP, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate



  • Only 10% of decision-making brain

  • 45 minutes, no neuroscience

  • 30% completion rate

  • Outdated, 75% validity

  • Expensive, complex, legally risky


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  • 100% of decision-making brain

  • 9 minutes, neuroscience-validated

  • 97% completion rate

  • Cutting-edge, 93% validity

  • Inexpensive, simple, legally safe


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  • Use our soft skills data & ChatGPT to find candidates & create job descriptions

  • Use our LinkedIn AI app to analyze candidate soft skills & create playbooks

  • Use our profiling, LinkedIn data & ChatGPT to personalize messages

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  • Use our proven visual neuroscience to uniquely assess for critical trust factors

  • Match soft & hard skills against top performers in similar positions

  • Transcend outdated, inaccurate & expensive text-based assessments



  • Use our neuroscience-personalized portals to increase team trust

  • Use our no & low-cost courses to personalize talent development

  • Use our HIPAA-compliant wellness portals to increase talent retention

Use ChatGPT and neuroscience to:

  • Determine LinkedIn candidate search parameters

  • Create compelling job descriptions within seconds

  • Write personalized candidate emails & messages

  • Combine LinkedIn data & profile communication preferences

  • Reduce per-candidate time from 30 minutes to 30 seconds

  • Ideal for recruiting, sales, and marketing

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AI for recruiting without the legal chill

Concerned about violating new federal or state laws about using AI for recruiting? With RemotelyMe, there's no concern. New York's Local Law 144, for example, defines a candidate as "a person who has applied for a specific
employment position." RemotelyMe's LinkedIn app pre-assesses prospects prior to application and legally uses AI and neuroscience to determine profiles, soft skills, and communication preferences. Our solution uses LinkedIn and neuroscience data to prompt ChatGPT to create personalized messages, again not only legal but recommended by SHRM. Finally, our visual neuroscience assessment does not use AI at all.

RemotelyMe allows you to safely and effectively use AI for recruiting without the legal concerns.


Your new talent assessment partner.

The Right People

Use safe AI to proactively find rock star passive candidates on LinkedIn and reduce your LinkedIn costs by 33%+ and analysis time by 80%+.

The Right Seats

Assess your current team and match their profiles against position data, soft skills, culture fit, and TRUST to improve retention and recruiting by 50%+.

The Right Way

Use neuroscience to match your top performer profiles against candidate profiles and increase your response rates by 200%+ with ChatGPT AI prompts.

"RemotelyMe does for visual talent assessments what Zoom did for visual communications."

 -VP HR, Leading Tech Firm

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Motivate LinkedIn contacts to Connect by using our exclusive LinkedIn Group invitation...

RemotelyMe manages the LinkedIn Leaders Forum Group. Your subscription includes the ability to entice prospects or candidates to Connect with you by inviting them to join the group. This can increase Connect rates by 3X, which can increase response rates and eliminate costly LinkedIn InMail fees.

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Consulting Firm Success

The Right People. The Right Seats. The Right Way.™

Consulting firm avoids bad hire

An Inc. 5000 consulting firm with dozens of technology clients wanted to avoid a costly mistake. If they placed a consulting contractor with a client, and they quit or failed, it could damage their brand. Moreover, they risked losing a multi-million-dollar client. RemotelyMe had their top performers complete 9-minute CQ assessments to score soft skills, trust factors, attributes, strengths, experience, and culture fit against roles. In every case, these top formers had high marks--validating the system.


The RemotelyMe LinkedIn app allowed them to proactively find technology candidates and pre-assess for position fit prior to contacting them. Shortlist candidates then completed the CQ assessment and were matched against top performers. The results were eye-opening and allowed them to avoid hiring "bad apples" that could damage their reputation and risk losing valuable clients.

Our Board Advisors

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