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RemotelyMe's C-Quiz

Recruiting Platform Setup Instructions

RemotelyMe uses visual neuroscience to create the world's only assessments that determine trust factors.

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“This groundbreaking app with automated ChatGPT personalized prompts can save hundreds of hours analyzing contacts and personalizing messages.” –VP Talent Acquisition, Talend/Qlik

“RemotelyMe’s app is way better than personality apps and will save us thousands on LinkedIn InMail and licensing costs.” --VP, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate

Setup your RemotelyMe Recruiting Platform or Service as follows:

1. Login to the platform, be sure to use your company email address

RemotelyMe CQuiz Login

2. Scroll down and click on the Setup link.

RemotelyMe's CQuiz Setup

3. Follow the instructions to create Positions (roles), Candidates, and Interviewers. If you subscribed to the turnkey Recruiting Services, RemotelyMe will do this for you and schedule a call to obtain the required information.

RemotelyMe CQuiz Setup Steps

4. To add Candidates, follow the instructions on the Setup page to add the LinkedIn app to your browser. Then use LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, or Recruiter to search for a contact. If in Sales Navigator or Recruiter, click on the ellipses to return to the contact's standard LinkedIn page (this is optimal for analysis). Click on the blue half circle with a face on the right side of the screen. The app will scroll up and down while extracting and analyzing the contact's information. This should take less than 20 seconds. When the analysis is complete, you will see the contact's information at the top. In the middle you will see the contact's likely Profile Type with a brief overview. The Projected Accuracy, below this, is based on the amount of data found on the page. If the contact information is light, the accuracy will be lower.

5. Click on the blue button below the profile to view the contact's Communications Playbook. Unlike other profiling apps that use outdated personality profilers invented decades ago, the RemotelyMe app uses AI and neuroscience to go far beyond personalities to determine attributes, soft skills, and communication preferences. The Communications Playbooks use advanced neurolinguistics to help you build trust with candidates or customers. Included is an overview, motivators, fears, mannerisms, strengths, attributes, DOs and DON'Ts, and keywords to use. Also, tips for emailing, LinkedIn messages, video calls, phone calls, and presentations. The Playbooks leverage RemotelyMe's patent pending 4STORY approach, which transcends Sinek's Start With Why and the educational 4MAT system.

The RemotelyMe LinkedIn PDQAPP is free and includes a profile overview and Communications Playbook. When you're ready for the exciting next level of capability that uses ChatGPT prompt personalization to automatically write highly personalized emails, messages, phone scripts, and job descriptions. Scroll down for information on the system.

RemotelyMe's ChatGem.AI

Experience the power of in three simple steps...
1. Find a contact on LinkedIn
2. Extract profile data with one click using the PDQAPP.

3. Go to the contact's visual CRM page and select your output (email, message, phone script), and your cadence (introduction, follow-up, etc.)

4.Copy the auto-created prompt and paste it into the included ChatGPT AI Copy Creator* and prepare to be amazed.

5. Within 30 seconds, you'll see a human-sounding message that includes LinkedIn skills, interests, experience, and more mingled with neuroscience-profile keywords, attributes, and optimal tone to ensure improved resonance and response--written in the contact's native language!

* uses the most advanced and creative ChatGPT model. Up to 500,000 words per month usage is included with, with a 0.05 per word cost thereafter


Motivate LinkedIn contacts to Connect by using our exclusive LinkedIn Group invitation...

RemotelyMe manages the LinkedIn Leaders Forum Group. Your subscription includes the ability to entice prospects or candidates to Connect with you by inviting them to join the group. This can increase Connect rates by 3X, which can increase response rates and eliminate costly LinkedIn InMail fees.

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