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LinkedIn Profiling App

  • Qualification insights & messaging for Recruiting & Sales

  • LinkedIn data extraction with ChatGPT, O*NET & AI analysis 

  • Neuroscience profiling for soft skills, attributes & preferences

  • ChatGPT prompts for personalized emails, messages & scripts

  • Flag suspicious LinkedIn profiles to avoid millions in ransomware



15-min LinkedIn analysis

15-min prospect emails

Low response rates


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15-sec LinkedIn analysis

15-sec prospect emails

High response rates

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Recruiting? Over 70% of the best candidates aren't looking. They won't send you a resume. To find them requires using expensive tools like LinkedIn Recruiter. Even then, stats show 86% don't trust enough to respond.


Selling? Sales and marketing pros know that 90% of customers buy on trust, but only 3% trust vendors. What if you could use the power of ChatGPT AI and neuroscience to build trust with while cutting costs and efforts in half? 


The Human Engagement Risk Management (HERMAN) Predictive Data Query (PDQ) app is a browser extension for Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge that combines ChatGPT, cognitive AI, and neuroscience to help you build customer or candidate trust with only three clicks. Recruiters and sales professionals can now simply find candidates or prospects on LinkedIn and click once on the app.


RemotelyMe uses safe and legal AI and neuroscience to analyze a contact’s information and go far beyond outdated personality apps by determining attributes, soft skills, trust-building factors, and communication preferences. The app is highly accurate even for contacts with minimal LinkedIn information, and also finds business email addresses. Even better, using PDQ can greatly reduce LinkedIn costs and security issues. Optionally, the app can extract LinkedIn company information such as revenue, growth, employee count, industry, competitors, etc. to eliminate high-cost solutions like ZoomInfo.


  • Includes a robust CRM that pre-assesses and qualifies contacts against preferences and requirements for your Ideal Customer or Candidate Profiles (ICPs) to provide scores and analysis details.

  • Uses LinkedIn data, such as experience, skills, and interests, as well as neuroscience profile information including keywords, preferences, and message tone.

  • Create detailed ChatGPT prompts for personalized emails, messages, or phone scripts in the contact’s native language. Personalized Trust Playbooks help you build candidate or customer trust.

  • Leverage RemotelyMe’s exclusive LinkedIn Leaders Forum group to entice contacts to take immediate action.

Flag suspicious LinkedIn profiles to avoid millions in ransomware

LinkedIn now has over 750 million members. Unfortunately, many these members are fake. Anyone can create a profile on LinkedIn in a manner of minutes and say they work for or have worked for any company they choose. LinkedIn does not verify this. It’s up to members to discern whether someone is real or fake. Recruiters and sales pros aren’t trained to spot these fakes. Unaware, after engaging with one of these phishers, recruiters may ask for a resume. The phisher will send one via LinkedIn or email and the recruiter will innocently click on the file. Smack. The file contains malware that leads to ransomware, which can cost your firm millions.

PDQ's cognitive AI has been trained to spot fakes. It will generate a detailed report noting why a LinkedIn profile might be suspicious from a security standpoint, or might contain questionable information that could point to honesty and trust issues. Concerned about LinkedIn phishers posing as employees of your company? RemotelyMe offers services to analyze LinkedIn members that are using your company name, and help prevent brand damage by finding and removing fake ones.

Increase trust to drive immediate traction

Customers and candidates buy or act on trust. Leverage PDQ's trust-building playbooks to drive immediate action. Deloitte studies show that firms with high trust employees drive 400 percent more performance and 79 percent more productivity. PDQ pre-assessment can help flag potential trust issues, and our full 9-minute visual neuroscience CQI Evaluations can provide an accurate trust factor score to help you avoid bad hires.


“Our firm had six phishers posing as employees on LinkedIn, exposing us to security risks, brand damage, and lawsuits. With PDQ, we can find and eliminate them before they cause any damage.” –CHRO, leading tech firm

“Every Chief Information Security Officer should require that every recruiter at their firm use PDQ to prevent serious security risks.” –CISO, Fortune 500 financial services company


“This groundbreaking app with automated ChatGPT personalized prompts can save hundreds of hours analyzing contacts and personalizing messages, while also lowering security risks.” –VP Talent Acquisition, Talend/Qlik

“PDQ is way better than personality apps and will save us thousands on LinkedIn InMail and licensing costs.” --VP, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate

  • 34% lower LinkedIn and InMail time and costs

  • 87% less contact analysis and message creation time

  • 212% increase in contact resonance and response rates

"We can now reduce our custom message templates from almost 1,000 down to only one." 

                                                                                                                   -CHRO, Leading Telecom Firm

Can you legally use AI for recruiting? CLICK HERE to find out.

Experience the power of PDQ in three simple steps...

Step 1. Find a contact on LinkedIn

Step 2. Extract and analyze profile data with cognitive AI and neuroscience with one click

Step 3. Within 30 seconds, you'll see a profile and ChatGPT generated prompts for email, LinkedIn or phone messages that include LinkedIn skills, interests, experience, and more mingled with neuroscience-profile keywords, attributes, and optimal tone to ensure improved resonance and response. All written in the contact's native language! You'll also see a trust-building playbook. to entice them to respond.

When ready, convert contacts into candidates and use the includes Applicant Tracking System to score and analyze risks, trust factors, leadership situations, soft skills matched to job requirements, and yellow or red flags. Send candidates a link to take the HERMAN CQI Assessment with only one click.

* uses the most advanced and creative ChatGPT model. Up to 500,000 words per month usage is included with, with a 0.05 per word cost thereafter


Motivate LinkedIn contacts to Connect by using our exclusive LinkedIn Group invitation...

RemotelyMe manages the LinkedIn Leaders Forum Group. Your subscription includes the ability to entice prospects or candidates to Connect with you by inviting them to join the group. This can increase Connect rates by 3X, which can increase response rates and eliminate costly LinkedIn InMail fees.

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