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Growing A Visual Neuroscience Assessments Software Company

Growing A Visual Neuroscience Assessments Software Company
Growing A Visual Neuroscience Assessments Software Company

At RemotelyMe, our vision has always been centered on using innovative technologies, like visual neuroscience, to address and solve challenges in the HR domain. Our dedication to helping organizations find the right fit for their teams, especially in today's remote and hybrid work environments, is paramount. We are therefore thrilled to announce that our very own CEO, Bill Reed, was recently interviewed by Ben Geoghegan on the acclaimed "A Better HR Business" podcast.

Ben, with his 18 years of enriched experience in the Human Resources field, has been an icon in the industry. His journey of hiring and onboarding thousands, critically reviewing and implementing various HR software solutions, giving invaluable speeches on staff management topics, and so much more, has been an inspiration to us all. As the founder of Get More HR Clients, he has been a beacon for many in the HR space.

The episode, titled "Growing A Visual Neuroscience Assessments Software Company – with Bill Reed from RemotelyMe", dives deep into various intriguing topics:

  • The pressing challenges remote work has posed for trust within organizations.

  • The revolutionary role visual neuroscience assessments can play in the workplace.

  • The gaps and inadequacies of traditional methods like engagement surveys in measuring trust.

  • The correlation between a high-trust environment, customer loyalty, and organizational productivity.

  • Actionable insights on building a high-trust environment for employees.

  • The integration of visual neuroscience principles in HR strategies for enhanced employee development.

  • And so much more!

We're truly humbled and excited about this collaboration. We extend our sincere gratitude to Ben Geoghegan and the entire team at "A Better HR Business" for featuring us. This episode is a testament to the shared vision of both RemotelyMe and Get More HR Clients, aiming for excellence and innovation in the HR landscape.

To our community, partners, and followers, we invite you to listen in and gain insights from the conversation. You can read the detailed article about the episode here and directly listen to the podcast episode here.



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