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Leveraging AI to Connect Veterans with Employment: Fireside Chat Explores Solutions

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Finding and hiring the right talent remains a persistent challenge for many organizations today. However, there is a vast pool of dedicated, skilled professionals among America's veterans and their families that employers often overlook. On October 19th, RemotelyMe hosted an insightful Fireside Chat between Tony Stewart, CEO of Us4Warriors Foundation, and Bill Reed, CEO of RemotelyMe, that explored innovative ways to tap into this talent using AI and science.

Stewart, a 20-year Navy veteran and former Director of Administration for Naval Special Warfare Basic Training has dedicated nearly 40 years to the military and veterans community and brings a wealth of experience and perspective on military transitions and challenges veterans face in finding meaningful work. Reed is pioneering new AI-powered solutions at RemotelyMe aimed at simplifying and optimizing the recruitment process.

Their fascinating discussion provided compelling statistics and strategies highlighting the opportunities and advantages of hiring veterans and their families. Stewart emphasized that beyond the 18 million veterans, there are 50 million more among their family members, representing nearly one-third of the American workforce. However, misconceptions and lack of understanding of military skills often prevent employers from fully capitalizing on this talented demographic.

That's where AI comes in. Reed explained how RemotelyMe is utilizing advanced natural language processing and personality assessments to match veterans' skills and experiences with ideal civilian roles. The AI tools can translate military terminology into corporate competencies and also gauge candidates' soft skills, trust factors, and cultural fit. This level of qualification and personalization promises to be a game-changer in bridging the military-civilian divide.

Stewart also spotlighted the remarkable leadership abilities, problem-solving skills, integrity, and resilience that veterans develop through service. Hiring veterans enhances diversity, strengthens company culture, and drives higher productivity. Veterans are also accustomed to continuous learning and growth, prized qualities in our rapidly evolving workplaces. Stewart discussed the "mega skill" of Trust and how it makes a difference as Veterans aspire to find their new purpose or mission after service.

Overall, the Fireside Chat provided a window into the world of veterans recruiting and made a compelling case for integrating AI and advanced talent analytics. The insights shared can help employers create more inclusive, holistic and predictive hiring practices while also supporting the veteran community.

Check out the full recording of this stimulating episode to hear more expert perspectives and solutions aimed at empowering veterans as they transition into meaningful civilian careers. The future of work will undoubtedly benefit from veterans' contributions, and AI presents new opportunities to harness their potential.

A full recording of October's Fireside Chat Leveraging AI to Connect Veterans with Meaningful Employment is available by clicking here.

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Leveraging AI to Connect Veterans with Meaningful Employment
Leveraging AI to Connect Veterans with Meaningful Employment

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