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RemotelyMe Celebrates Recognition in Entrepreneur Magazine for Most Fundable Company 2023 Award

It's not every day that a company receives the prestigious honor of being named one of Pepperdine Graziadio Business School's Most Fundable Companies for 2023. RemotelyMe, a visionary veteran-owned business, achieved this remarkable feat by securing the Silver Award from 17 finalists among a pool of over 3,000 early-stage U.S. companies in September 2023. However, this testament to RemotelyMe's innovation and dedication is also now being celebrated in the latest edition of Entrepreneur Magazine, available online now and set to feature in the upcoming November-December 2023 print issue out soon.

You can find the digital copy of the Entrepreneur Magazine article, here.

What sets RemotelyMe apart is its innovative approach to solving one of the world's most significant workplace challenges: trust. Research by Gallup and other analysts has shown that low trust and high stress cost global firms nearly $9 trillion annually. A staggering 80% of workers don't trust their employers, leading to 77% disengagement. RemotelyMe has developed solutions that address these issues by offering alternatives to outdated candidate assessments, employee engagement surveys, and learning and development platforms.

RemotelyMe's impressive lineup of Board Advisors, featuring CxOs from companies like Southwest Airlines, Royal Caribbean, ADT, Walmart, Udemy, Highspot, and Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate, has been a significant contributing factor to the rising success. The company's PDQ APP recruiting platform, which extracts data from LinkedIn profiles and employs cognitive AI and neuroscience to pre-assess soft skills, demonstrated outstanding results, achieving a 93% Cronbach's Alpha validity and a 97% completion rate.

The recognition as a Most Fundable Company in 2023 is a tremendous honor and will significantly boost RemotelyMe's success as we plan to close Next Round in early 2024.

RemotelyMe Celebrates Recognition in Entrepreneur Magazine. This recognition is a testament to RemotelyMe's commitment to innovation and its dedication to solving pressing challenges in the workplace. With their groundbreaking approach, they have not only secured a place among the most fundable companies but also in the pages of Entrepreneur Magazine, solidifying their position as a true industry leader.

In the coming months, RemotelyMe will release our upcoming veterans programs, ValorVinesHQ for military transitioning to the civilian workforce, post-service veterans looking to excel their career and their families who come with unique skills of their own and ValorVines for Leaders designed to give employers the tools to better understand the powerful skills possessed by veterans, the unique needs of the military, veterans and family community as well as the ability to harness that community for success.

Also, in the coming months, RemotelyMe will share new investment opportunities to help the company continue on this path of success and afford investors the opportunity to strengthen their portfolio by added RemotelyMe.

Learn more about the Pepperdine Most Fundable Companies List and RemotelyMe's selection here.

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RemotelyMe Celebrates Recognition in Entrepreneur Magazine for Most Fundable Company 2023 Award
RemotelyMe Celebrates Recognition in Entrepreneur Magazine for Most Fundable Company 2023 Award


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