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RemotelyMe's Commitment: Honoring and Supporting the Military Veterans Community:

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Honoring and Supporting the Military Veterans Community
Honoring and Supporting the Military Veterans Community

As we approach Veterans Day, RemotelyMe, wishes to send a heartfelt thank you to all those have served this great country to uphold the national defense, but also to ensure the freedoms that we hold dear continue forward. RemotelyMe, a veteran-owned business, also would like to take a moment to share our deep connection to the veterans' community, express our gratitude to all veterans, and shed light on our mission to make a positive impact in the world of work.

Solving Workplace Challenges with Innovation

RemotelyMe stands at the forefront of workplace transformation. Our mission is to address the world's number one workplace problem—low trust and high stress—by harnessing the power of visual neuroscience and cognitive artificial intelligence (AI). Research from Gallup and other analysts indicates that this issue costs global firms nearly $9 trillion annually, with approximately 80 percent of workers lacking trust in their employers, resulting in a disengagement rate of 77 percent. RemotelyMe offers patent-pending solutions that modernize candidate assessments, employee engagement surveys, and learning and development platforms, making work environments healthier and more productive.

Supporting Veterans: A Core Value

Our belief in supporting veterans runs deep within the fabric of RemotelyMe. Two of our founders, Bill Reed and Tony Stewart, both served as Navy submarine veterans with decades of dedicated service and established the award-winning non-profit organization, The Us for Warriors Foundation (referred to as Us4Warriors), over 11 years ago. Us4Warriors has provided invaluable services to over 60,000 military members, veterans, and their families during times of need. These services include food support, employment assistance, and community service projects through its Warrior Volunteer Force.

Our founders have actively served on veterans community support boards and cultivated collaborative partnerships with other non-profits and government agencies, further reinforcing our commitment to the military community. Both have been recognized as Top Veteran Business Leaders by San Diego Business Magazine and Stewart has led two veterans organizations to be recognized as a past Top Veterans Non-Profit Organizations serving the military and veteran community. From congressional testimonies in support of advancing veteran support initiatives and other efforts to help improve the quality of life for veterans and their families, our founders have developed a track record of continued service that extends to efforts today with RemotelyMe.

Honoring Veterans: RemotelyMe's Upcoming Initiatives

In the months ahead, RemotelyMe is excited to announce the launch of new veterans programs: ValorVinesHQ and ValorVines for Leaders. These initiatives are designed to support military personnel transitioning to the civilian workforce, post-service veterans looking to advance their careers, and their families who bring unique skills of their own. ValorVines for Leaders aims to equip employers with the tools to understand the strengths of veterans, their specific needs, and how to harness their potential for success.

Our Recognition and Achievements

Our commitment to innovation and excellence has not gone unnoticed. RemotelyMe has earned recognition as a Top 25 Work Tech Vendor by leading analyst Starr Conspiracy and was a Better Workplaces Challenge Cup Regional Finalist by the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM). Additionally, we are proud to have been named one of Pepperdine University's Most Fundable Companies for 2023.

Living Our Values Every Day

At RemotelyMe, we don't just talk the talk; we walk the walk. Our commitment to service to our nation and our appreciation for the dedication of all veterans are reflected in our daily actions. We understand the unique challenges and strengths that veterans bring to the table, and we are honored to be among those who have served.

This Veterans Day, as we take a moment to reflect on the sacrifices and contributions of veterans, RemotelyMe extends its heartfelt appreciation to all who have served. It is our commitment to continue honoring and supporting the Military Veterans Community. We remain steadfast in our dedication to making the workplace better for everyone and continue to support the military community in every way we can.

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