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RemotelyMe Webinar Recap

Did you watch our latest webinar? If you missed it, we have you covered!

📺 Watch the full webinar here 

In the in-depth webinar, we heard from attendees including our CEO, W. Craig “Bill” Reed, and Board Advisors and Veterans Dr. Jon Belsher, MD, and Joshua Galle to learn more about how RemotelyMe is transforming workforce excellence. Our mission is to harness the power of visual neuroscience and cognitive AI SaaS to transform the way organizations hire, work, and succeed.

The pandemic has dramatically reshaped how we work and interact, prompting a shift in the hiring landscape. Attendees learned about the shifting dynamics in talent acquisition, opportunities for Veterans in the workforce, and the importance of soft skills such as emotional intelligence and stress coping mechanisms.

As a company founded by Veterans, RemotelyMe offers a distinct perspective. We understand the unique skills and experiences of the military community, recognizing their immense value in the civilian workforce. Our platform is designed to assist Veterans in their career transitions, providing skill development opportunities and emphasizing their adaptable skill set. Through our technology-driven solutions such as our Career Quotient Indicator, we aim to facilitate the seamless integration of Veterans into the workforce, serving as a valuable resource for both Veterans and employers.

As we look ahead, RemotelyMe remains committed to its mission of reshaping workforce excellence and creating a more inclusive, productive, and fulfilling work environment for all.

Interested in learning more about RemotelyMe and its innovative solutions? Stay tuned for future updates and how you can become part of the future of talent assessment!

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