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Selling and Recruiting using LinkedIn and ChatGPT on Steroids Workshop

Selling and Recruiting Workshop using LinkedIn and ChatGPT
Selling and Recruiting Workshop using LinkedIn and ChatGPT

Are you struggling to connect with prospects on LinkedIn or via email outreach?

Do you often feel like you're shouting into the void, only to be met with radio silence?

If so, then the upcoming "Selling & Recruiting Workshop using LinkedIn & ChatGPT on Steroids" offered by RemotelyMe is not to be missed.

Selling or recruiting? Tired of getting ghosted or rejected on LinkedIn or via emails?

Join W. Craig "Bill" Reed, the New York Times bestselling author of the groundbreaking new book, Start With Who, for an exciting free workshop.

Ken Blanchard says Start With Who is "fascinating" and "thought-provoking," and features a Forward written by EOS® Worldwide Visionaries Mike Paton and Mark O'Donnell.

A Workday VP says it’s “the next gen beyond Start With Why and The Challenger Sale.

Bill will reveal science-backed techniques to dramatically improve your LinkedIn messaging and email outreach. By leveraging insights from neuroscience and AI tools like ChatGPT, you'll learn how RemotelyMe can help you craft personalized messages that capture attention and drive responses from your ideal prospects.

Specifically, Bill will share RemotelyMe's strategies on how to automate LinkedIn prospecting to save hundreds of hours, write effective Recruiter search queries, analyze prospect data to determine communication preferences, and prompt ChatGPT to generate customized outreach. He'll also cover specific keywords, tones, colors and approaches that work for each prospect profile type.

Attendees rave about how Bill's frameworks have helped triple their response rates and cut sales cycles in half.

As one Director of Sales shared: "Bill leveraged cutting-edge neuroscience to dramatically improve our lead conversion rates, shorten sales cycles, and increase our closing percentages."

So, if you're ready to take your LinkedIn and email outreach to the next level in 2024, secure your spot at this can't-miss RemotelyMe workshop now.

Bonus - all registrants get a free professional assessment based on visual neuroscience to accelerate your sales and recruiting career!


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