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The Future Is Now: Introducing Human Risk Management

Three professionals stand in a office with other coworkers. text on the image reads Introducing human risk management. The future is now

What Is Human Risk Management, Anyway?

It is a significant change of mindset, strategy, process, and technology about how

we approach an old problem in a new world.

Forrester released an informative article on Human Risk Management. Pay particular attention

to this section under Market Maturity.

HRM solutions are a mature market that is moving toward adaptive human protection. Vendors and users alike have  moved from SA&T to HRM (Security Awareness Training). In the long term, adaptive human protection will free employees to do their jobs without constant training on all aspects of security. This requires a significant shift in mindset and tools and is still four to eight years away. In the meantime, evidence-based HRM will have a positive influence on employee security behavior and help instill a security culture.

We are well on our way already with the HERMANCyber Platform. (Human Engagement Risk

Management). HERMANCQI and HERMANLEARN are tested to keep employees engaged and for security behavior to be second nature in building a security culture.


We have arranged appointments with the people who have contributed to this LANDSCAPE in

August.  We will then be able to be added to the "vendor list."


The outlook will be that our solutions will OUTPACE the competition and we will implement

way before the "4 to 8 years away" time frame.

Making an Impact

Here is an opportunity to join in the mission to participate and help RemotelyMe solve Human

Risk Management issues by climbing onboard today. You can now be part of the solution by

investing with RemotelyMe and having a stake in the process.


Interested parties should go to the RemotelyMe registered account at to join in the solution to the HRM problem.


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