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To Get Sales Back on Track, Avoid These Three Costly Mistakes

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Get Sales Back on Track
Get Sales Back on Track

Hello to our RemotelyMe community! We're thrilled to announce that our CEO, William "Bill" Reed, has contributed an insightful guest post on EOS Worldwide's platform. For those unfamiliar with EOS, it stands for the Entrepreneurial Operating System, a game-changing set of concepts and tools embraced by over 190,000 companies worldwide. EOS's framework is centered around the Six Key Components™, offering businesses a refreshed perspective and streamlined operations. Discover more about EOS and its transformative approach by visiting

Bill's article, "To Get Sales Back on Track, Avoid These Three Costly Mistakes," delves deep into the evolution of sales strategies in a post-pandemic business landscape. From the fundamental importance of trust in sales to the neuroscience behind effective storytelling, William shares insights garnered from his vast experience, underscoring the strategies that truly resonate in the modern marketplace.

Here's a brief glimpse into the key takeaways:

  1. Building Trust is Imperative - Adapting communication styles to align with different personalities can be the defining factor between sealing a deal and losing a sale.

  2. Balancing Information Delivery - Cater to the logical, emotional, and instinctual aspects of your prospect's brain for a holistic and impactful sales pitch.

  3. The Power of Storytelling - Engaging stories can enhance customer retention. Integrating storytelling techniques from the literary world can amplify the effectiveness of your sales and marketing narratives.

Drawing from Aristotle's persuasion model, neuroscience, and the art of storytelling, William provides actionable advice for businesses, especially those running on EOS, to revolutionize their sales, marketing, and recruiting tactics.

We're confident that this article will offer you valuable insights and strategies to implement in your own ventures. For an in-depth read and a deeper dive into these topics, check out the original article on EOS Worldwide here.

We remain committed to sharing the latest industry insights and best practices with our community. Let's continue growing and evolving together.


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