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RemotelyMe for Sales

RemotelyMe is dedicated to helping sales and marketing professionals find the right prospects for the right solutions in the right way by offering unique solutions to help you find and close customers by building high-trust.

The RemotelyMe Neuroscience Difference

Over 90% of customers buy on trust, but only 3% trust sales professionals. Remote and hybrid sales teams are challenged with high stress, low trust, and difficult communications. Traditional solutions for prospect profiling are decades-old, focus on only personalities, are too complex, and often break the bank. RemotelyMe offers the only platforms and consulting services that use safe and legal AI, neuroscience-based profiling, and proven processes to lower selling costs by 34 percent, cut efforts in half, and increase results by over 2X.

The RemotelyMe browser extension app for Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge combines ChatGPT, cognitive AI, and visual neuroscience to help you build customer trust with only three clicks. Sales and marketing professionals can now simply find prospects on LinkedIn and click once on the app. RemotelyMe uses AI and neuroscience to analyze a contact’s information and go far beyond outdated personality apps by determining attributes, soft skills, and communication preferences.


The RemotelyMe app qualifies prospects against preferences and requirements for your Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) to provide scores and analysis details. The app is highly accurate even for contacts with minimal LinkedIn information. The app then uses LinkedIn data, such as experience, skills, and interests, as well as neuroscience profile information including keywords, preferences, and message tone to automatically prompt ChatGPT to write highly personalized emails, messages, or phone scripts in the contact’s native language. Personalized Trust Playbooks are also created to help you build customer trust. Users can leverage RemotelyMe’s exclusive LinkedIn Leaders Forum group to entice contacts to respond and take immediate action.


“This groundbreaking app with automated ChatGPT personalized prompts can save hundreds of hours analyzing contacts and personalizing messages.” –VP Talent Acquisition, Talend/Qlik

“RemotelyMe’s app is way better than personality apps and will save us thousands on LinkedIn InMail and licensing costs.” --VP, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate

Introducing PDQAPP
ChatGPT-Powered LinkedIn Profiling App

  • Contact insights & messaging for Sales & Recruiting

  • LinkedIn data extraction with ChatGPT & AI analysis 

  • Neuroscience profiling for attributes & messaging

  • Write ChatGPT-personalized candidate emails & messages

  • Reduce analysis time from 30 minutes to 30 seconds

  • Ideal for recruiting, sales, and marketing

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I'm Unique in 3 Ways...

The Right Prospects

You can use my one-click LinkedIn app to pre-assess and score contacts against your Ideal Customer Profile Profiles (ICPs).

The Right Solutions

You can use extracted LinkedIn data and neuroscience preferences to personalize ChatGPT messages. And...match contacts against ICPs.

The Right Way

You can move past outdated personality apps and use neuroscience profiling that's far more accurate, as well Trust Playbooks to close prospects.

C-Quiz is here to help


Motivate LinkedIn contacts to Connect by using our exclusive LinkedIn Group invitation...

RemotelyMe manages the LinkedIn Leaders Forum Group. Your subscription includes the ability to entice prospects or candidates to Connect with you by inviting them to join the group. This can increase Connect rates by 3X, which can increase response rates and eliminate costly LinkedIn InMail fees.

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Our Board Advisors

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