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The RemotelyMe YES Platform

Do you manage or produce a Youth Learning Program for workforce and career development?  If so, are you getting the most from your platform?


RemotelyMe has produced a comprehensive, robust platform, based on 21st century patent pending Video Storytelling Neuroscience Assessments to ensure total youth development and career advancement. We have a 92%+ accuracy rate for finding the youth’s attributes and personal brand. This helps accelerate and target a path to higher learning and career focus for young adults.


The RemotelyMe Youth Education Success (YES) Program helps determine educational and career path strengths, attributes, accomplishments, problem areas, soft skills, values, motivations, goals, and trust factors. We also offer optimal career guidance.


RemotelyMe’s YES platform prepares young adults for a better personal and professional life by helping them to understand their true potential based on neuroscience personality assessments and educational programming to gain experience and build the confidence they need to succeed in school, business, and life. Contact us today for a free evaluation and to learn more about the RemotelyMe Youth Education Success Platform.

21st Century Educational Platform

"This YES Platform has really helped us focus on the individual youth and their attributes as they get exposed to the various opportunities ahead of them in their future"  Mary Hewitt CEO Kollab Youth

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