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Discover your Candidate's CQ

A bad hire can cost your firm 300% of someone's salary, and cost you even more. Most talent assessment tools are antiquated and inaccurate and too risky in a world dominated by remote and hybrid work. Today's recruiters and hiring managers use proven solutions based on behavioral and brain science to evaluate candidates. Gallup and the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) say Soft Skills and Trust Factors are critical to ensure proper job and culture fit, and drive 20% more revenue.

Talent CQ is the only science-based system that measures both with a 10-minute visual quiz that also scores strengths, weaknesses, attributes, and red flags. That's why RemotelyMe was selected as a Finalist in the SHRM Challenge Cup for having one of the hottest new technologies that can impact hiring. Will your subordinate interface with customers? If so, will a low serotonin level make them too reactive? Are they an engineer? If so, do they have a high enough norepinephrine level to do the math? Only Talent CQ can give you the right answers. CLICK to Quiz today.

Unique Benefits

  • LinkedIn AI & NLP candidate profiling pre-assessment browser extension and mobile app
  • Extraction and analysis of LinkedIn data including skills, job history, interests, etc.
  • Candidate to job requirement analysis for experience & soft skills and culture & team fit
  • Candidate to job scoring using behavioral science for red flags & trust factors
  • Neuroscience-based 10-minute full assessment tests with candidate scoring
  • NLP Communications Playbooks to entice and recruit the best candidates
  • Seamless integration with HRIS including BambooHR
  • Exclusive access to 6M+ military veterans job board

Find, assess, entice top candidates

Position Profile Form

Hiring managers or recruiters use the RemotelyMe Position Profile Form to answer a few quick questions and enter a job description. Unlike resume filtering software that screens out great candidates, RemotelyMe uses behavioral and brain science to screen candidates for job skills, SOFT SKILLS, TRUST SCORES, and personality traits.  According to SHRM, over 92% of recruiters say when new hires fail, it's due to soft skills and trust issues.




Before contacting candidates, recruiters use the one-click RemotelyMe app to assess candidates on LinkedIn. The app uses brain science and AI technology to determine a candidate's personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, attributes, and SOFT SKILLS.  The app also captures relevant skillsets, employment history, qualifications, and more. This information is sent directly to candidate assessment dashboards for recruiters and hiring managers.




The RemotelyMe dashboard goes well beyond resume filtering by matching recruiter and hiring manager job preferences-both hard and soft skills-against a candidate's brain science profile and LinkedIn and/or resume information.  The dashboard displays scores for Profiles, Job History, Trust Factors, and Soft Skills based on how they match against job preferences. This helps eliminate hiring the wrong candidates, which can cost more than 30% of an employee's salary.



Once a candidate completes the CraniumQuiz, the RemotelyMe Candidate Dashboard is updated with rich information including scores for introversion vs. extroversion, TRUST SCORES, critical SOFT SKILLS, leadership and brain health factors, possible red flags, and more. RemotelyMe complies with the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures. Most importantly, according to research from Gallup, Harvard, and others, higher TRUST SCORES drive 20% higher revenue and 76% more employee engagement. RemotelyMe is the only system that determines this score.

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The RemotelyMe platform seamlessly integrates with popular HRIS or candidate tracking systems, including BambooHR. RemotelyMe automatically creates candidates in the RemotelyMe dashboard once they are added to your HRIS candidate system. The integration then syncs all updated information from HRIS to RemotelyMe. The integration also sends candidate profiling information, both from the LinkedIn app and candidate profile tests, to your HRIS (for BambooHR, information is sent to the Comments section of the candidate’s record). A link to the RemotelyMe candidate record is also provided to allow one-click management. 




Imagine finding the perfect candidate and losing them to a competitor. RemotelyMe includes detailed communications playbooks for each candidate profile type that uses NLP science to help hiring managers and recruiters entice, interview, and recruit the best candidates by "speaking their language." Included are templates, examples, and videos.





RemotelyMe is a veteran-owned business and as an added bonus, you can leverage our Us4Warriors network of 6M+ transitioning and industry-experienced veterans and their relatives across partnerships with the VA, American Legion, VFW, National Guard, and a dozen veteran's organizations. With RemotelyMe, you'll have exclusive access to a dynamic job board, as well as proactive outreach programs (newsletters, emails, etc.), to help you find and recruit military veterans and their relatives. For hiring qualified veterans, your firm can receive up $10K in tax credits.



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Executive CQ

Discover your professional CQ


$29One Time

  • 10-min executive CraniumQuiz
  • Executive leadership insights
  • Optimal job & culture choices
  • Brain DNA, diet & fitness plan
  • Weekly success check-in quizzes

Team CQ

Discover your team's CQ

Video Call

$39per month

  • LinkedIn AI colleague profiling app
  • Candidate assessment dashboard
  • Team Communications Playbooks
  • Weekly success check-in quizzes
  • Brain DNA, diet & fitness plans
  • Unlimited Team CraniumQuizes

Talent CQ

Discover your candidate's CQ


$99per month per 50 Candidates

  • Includes everything in Team CQ
  • LinkedIn AI candidate profiling app
  • Candidate assessment dashboard
  • NLP Communications Playbooks
  • Unlimited candidate CraniumQuizes
  • Brain DNA, diet & fitness plans
  • HRIS integration (e.g; BambooHR)

Money-back guarantee from a veteran-owned business


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