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Discover your Team's CQ

Smart Directors, VPs, and CxOs know that succeeding in today's high-stress remote and hybrid world requires the right team. To perform at their best, your team needs to be motivated, dedicated, and inspired.  Ping pong tables, cappuccino machines, and singing kumbaya in the corridor is no longer viable. Executives need to understand each subordinate's passion, purpose, motivators, and fears. They need to know which words, phrases, and vocal tones will resonate the best with their direct reports. They need to understand their team's brain and behavioral DNA and leadership style preferences to drive 106% more energy, 76% more engagement, and 20% more profits. Team CQ is the only patent-pending science-based system to deliver all this and more. In less than 10-minutes, leaders can discover their team's CQ scores and use personalized CQ Communications Playbooks to transform how they engage with their teams. Don't risk your career on outdated leadership tactics and techniques invented in a time before video calls and COVID. Leverage Team CQ to ensure your team shows up, suits up, and is fired up every day of the week. CLICK to Quiz today.

  • Your team takes the 10-minute visual CraniumQuiz

  • You understand their brain DNA and CQ scores

  • Science-based remote Communications Playbooks


NLP_playbooksType 1-E Playbook Example...

This Playbook outlines Attributes, Mannerisms, Fears, Motivators, DOs and DON’T’s, and Key Words to use with this profile type. Also provided are tips on WHO you are communicating with, including Candidates, Colleagues, Customers, Subordinates, and Superiors. Also included are templates and examples for Emails, Presentations, LinkedIn Messaging, Phone Calls, and Video Calls. This information is displayed using the FROG Selling framework that aligns with most sales methodologies (SPIN, Miller Heiman, Sandler, Challenger, etc.).

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Executive CQ

Discover your professional CQ


$29One Time

  • 10-min executive CraniumQuiz
  • Executive leadership insights
  • Optimal job & culture choices
  • Brain DNA, diet & fitness plan
  • Weekly success check-in quizzes

Team CQ

Discover your team's CQ

Video Call

$39per month

  • LinkedIn AI colleague profiling app
  • Candidate assessment dashboard
  • Team Communications Playbooks
  • Weekly success check-in quizzes
  • Brain DNA, diet & fitness plans
  • Unlimited Team CraniumQuizes

Talent CQ

Discover your candidate's CQ


$99per month per 50 Candidates

  • Includes everything in Team CQ
  • LinkedIn AI candidate profiling app
  • Candidate assessment dashboard
  • NLP Communications Playbooks
  • Unlimited candidate CraniumQuizes
  • Brain DNA, diet & fitness plans
  • HRIS integration (e.g; BambooHR)

Money-back guarantee from a veteran-owned business


RemotelyMe app headingRECRUITING?

  • High-trust employees drive 76% more engagement
  • High-trust teams empower 20% more revenue & profit
  • RemotelyMe offers the only system that determines this score
  • Assess & entice high-trust candidates with one click

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SalesIntel Engage86


    • ZoomInfo or LinkedIn issues?
    • Get accurate B2B company, contact & buying intent data
    • Profile, qualify & engage with prospects
    • Personalize emails & webpages
    • Increase close rates, shorten sales cycles & save thousands

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