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The New Zero Trust Marketing

RemotelyMe has partnered with Aventi Group to help cybersecurity product marketing professionals drive customer traction with Zero Trust Compliance.

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McKinsey says the total addressable market for cybersecurity solutions could eclipse $1.5 trillion. Most of that will be driven by mandatory compliance requirements. Almost 80% of security professionals will need new security products to transition to updated frameworks such as PCI DSS 4.0 or the NIST Cybersecurity Framework 2.0. Nearly 75% of MSPs can't meet regulatory compliance requirements. Does your product marketing team have decades of compliance expertise on hand to ensure you capture their attention and business?

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Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) rely on Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) officers to review your website copy, white papers, blogs, data sheets, webinars, and assets. One mistake, one incorrect data point, or one missed compliance update and your chances for a sale are lost. Noncompliance now costs more than a data breach, averaging over $5M. CISOs and GRC VPs can't afford to get this wrong.


In 2024 alone, they must deal with dozens of new regulations such as PCI DSS 4.0, HIPAA 2023, NIST CSF 2.0, CIS18, DORA, SEC, NIS2, and so on. Does your product management or PMM team have expertise across all these areas? Can they accurately map your solutions to individual requirements? Most importantly, can they use the latest science and storytelling techniques to drive 10X higher attention and retention?

84% of security teams list compliance as a mandatory driver for solutions


Aventi Group is an Inc. 5000 product marketing consulting firm. Many of the world's largest cybersecurity firms have relied on their expertise, including Fortinet, Cisco, Qualys, Symantec, SAP, Okta, Visa, Malwarebytes, and others. RemotelyMe is the leader in visual neuroscience storytelling and messaging with clients and Board Advisors from Southwest Airlines, Royal Caribbean, ADT, SAP, Pax8, SBA Communications, Udemy, Suvida Health, Alert Enterprise, and others. One of our Board Advisors is the former CISO for Pax8, the leading MSP Marketplace with 35K MSPs servicing 500K SMBs. Working with Pax8, we've positioned clients for rapid MSP/MSSP revenue growth.

Together, RemotelyMe and Aventi Group can augment your team to deliver:

  • New or updated messaging guides with Zero Trust Compliance purchase drivers

  • Regulatory compliance training for your PM and PMM teams

  • Mapping of your solutions, line by line, to the latest compliance requirements

  • Updates and creation for assets, web pages, videos, blogs, etc. to ensure compliance accuracy

  • Visual neuroscience storytelling messaging and techniques to increase click-throughs by 10X

  • Staff augmentation with PMM, compliance, and messaging expertise

  • Voice of the Customer calls with CIOs and CISOs to validate messaging and compliance assets (many of these turn into qualified MQLs)

  • Open doors with channel partners, including Pax8, to reach VARs, MSP, and MSSPs

  • Leverage our Tech Execs & LeadersForum LinkedIn groups to drive MQLs (7K members)

  • Use a new Zero Trust Compliance approach to address 95% of security breach risks

Together, we can offer you:

  • A team of security compliance and PMM experts with deep regulatory and framework knowledge

  • Award winning and certified product marketing expertise (Top 9 PMA Finalists, PMM & ABM certs)

  • Copywriters with New York Times bestselling and industry award accolades

  • Unique and proven visual neuroscience storytelling messaging and video storyboarding

  • Cybersecurity domain expertise across virtually all areas from IAM to EDR to VM to PAM and more

  • Demand generation and channel program experts to augment your team

If you're not properly leveraging compliance and visual neuroscience storytelling, you may miss out on the $1.5 trillion security solution jackpot.


Schedule a call to learn more.

“…a unique combination of cutting-edge digital marketing, neuroscience messaging, social media profiling, and expert sales coaches on prospect calls.”  -Sr Director Sales Enablement, Symantec

  “…insights, guidance, and high-quality solutions that enabled us to realize significant gains in our sales team's ability to execute.” -VP Marketing, Logicalis

 “…leveraged cutting-edge neuroscience to dramatically improve lead conversion rates, shorten sales cycles, and increase our closing percentages." -Sales Director, HP

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RemotelyMe uses visual neuroscience and cognitive AI SaaS to uncover business and security risks costing global firms $20T per year in lost productivity and cybercrime. RemotelyMe uncovers the 77% of workers that are disengaged and may harm their firms by mapping predictive biomarkers to career success and business risks. RemotelyMe helps eliminate the 95% of security breaches caused by human errors related to disengagement, and helps position security product marketing teams to win business by employing visual neuroscience storytelling techniques.

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