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Visual Talent Assessments

We're a veteran-owned company using EOS® and a Top 25 Work Tech Vendor

RemotelyMe is dedicated to helping organizations find the right people and prospects for the right seats and solutions, in the right way. Remote and hybrid teams are challenged with high stress, low trust, and difficult communications. Traditional solutions for candidate and prospect profiling are decades-old, not based on visual neuroscience, are too complex, and often break the bank. RemotelyMe offers the only platforms and consulting services that use AI, visual neuroscience storytelling, and EOS-centric processes to drive 20% higher revenue and 50% more productivity.


That's why our customers love us, and SHRM selected us as a Top Finalist for the Better Workplaces Challenge Cup. We were also honored as a TOP 25 WORK TECH VENDOR by Inspiring Workplaces and leading analyst, Starr Conspiracy. Scroll down to enter your email address for more information.

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Our Mission

Jim Clifton, CEO of Gallup, commissioned a study to ask every working adult one question: "what do you want the most?" The answer? A good job. Our mission is to help our fellow veterans, their families, and all working adults to find and keep a good job.

"The KollabKwiz, based on RemotelyMe’s CQ Assessment, has been an amazing tool for our Kollab Youth workforce development program. It’s an educational personal brand solution driven by positive outcomes, and does precisely that by providing the insights our youth and mentors need to strengthen relationships, understand soft skills with 92 percent accuracy, and track student progress."

-Mary E. Hewitt, Executive Director, Kollab Youth Workforce Development Program

Our Core Values


High trust organizations drive 106% more energy, 76% more engagement, and way more fun.


We are only as sick as our secrets. We believe in open honesty inside and out.


Remote and hybrid work is the new norm. We foster enjoyable teamwork and collaboration.

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