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Candidate and Customer Assessments

The Right People, The Right Seats, The Right Way™

The Right Prospects The Right Solutions, The Right Way™

Abstract Linear Background

Personal Assessment


9-minute visual CQ assessment

Right seat professional role analysis

Strengths, attributes, motivators

Soft skills and trust factors

Visual neuroscience vs. text-based

Neuroscience & industry validated

92%+ proven accuracy

Detailed assessment report

Individual wellness check-in/check-up
Sales Platform

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FREE ChatGPT AI message prompts

LinkedIn contact profiling app

LinkedIn data extraction & parsing

Match contacts against ideal profiles

Ideal "right prospect" lead scoring

Qualification analysis & prioritization

Prospect communication playbooks

Proven email & messaging guides

AWS, PCI, 256-bit TLS, ISO, SOC 1/2

Integrates with CRM (Salesforce, etc)

Auto-create collateral, scripts, more

Up to 1,000 contacts (option for more)

Money back guarantee, easy cancel Recruiting Platform

RemotelyMe recruiting onboarding app.png

FREE ChatGPT AI message prompts

LinkedIn pre-assessment app

LinkedIn extraction & hard skill scores

"Right people" candidate profiles

"Right seat" talent role analysis

Soft skills, trust factors, core values

DE&I executive dashboards

Neuroscience-based, 92%+ accuracy

Robust Applicant Tracking System

Candidate communication playbooks

HRIS integrations: Lever, Workday, etc

AWS, PCI, 256-bit TLS, ISO, SOC 1/2

EEOC compliant

Team wellness check-in/check-up

BONUS: Military veterans job board

Only $1 per mo per candidate (min 99)

Money back guarantee, easy cancel


For larger enterprises with 5+ jobs per month or requiring in-depth customer, employee or candidate analysis, CLICK the Schedule Call button... uses Davinci, the most advanced and creative ChatGPT-3 model. Up to 300,000 words per month usage is included with, with a 0.05 per word cost thereafter

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