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Leading real estate firm saves thousands

A real estate office in Northern California had a big problem. Over 85% of their agents were failing or quitting within 18 months...costing tens of thousands in recruiting, onboarding, training, and lost revenue. We helped them solve this issue by profiling their top performers and discovering that 90% fell into three brain science categories. Now they can assess candidates to dramatically improve retention by ensuring the right people are in the right seats. The RemotelyMe Communications Playbooks also help them entice and "sell" top candidates to join their agency instead of a competitive firm.

RemotelyMe Real Estate Firm Success Story

The Right People. The Right Seats. The Right Way.™

RemotelyMe Consulting Firm Success Story

The Right People. The Right Seats. The Right Way.™

Consulting firm avoids bad hire

An Inc. 5000 consulting firm with dozens of blue-chip clients wanted to avoid a costly mistake. If they placed a consulting contractor with a client, and they quit or failed, it could damage their brand. Moreover, they risked losing a multi-million-dollar client. RemotelyMe had their top performers complete 9-minute CQ assessments to score soft skills, trust factors, attributes, strengths, experience, and culture fit against roles. In every case, these top formers had high marks--validating the system.


The RemotelyMe LinkedIn app allowed them to proactively find candidates and pre-assess for position fit prior to contacting them. Shortlist candidates then completed the CQ assessment and were matched against top performers. The results were eye-opening and allowed them to avoid hiring "bad apples" that could damage their reputation and risk losing valuable clients.

Non-profit helps underserved youth

The Kollab Youth Workforce Development Program is a 501(c)3 public charity organization created for under resourced middle and high school students. The Kollab program helps them explore career opportunities in business, STEM, and other emerging 21st century careers that are high-growth and high-wage. The Kollab youth receive mentorship from industry experts and earn resume-worthy work experience through paid apprenticeships and internships. RemotelyMe designed a young-adult version of our CQ assessment that allows the Kollab youth to better understand their professional and personal strengths, attributes, and optimal career choices. The youth rave about the results and agree the profiles help guide them to the right jobs. Mentors at leading firms like Wells Fargo, T-Mobile, and Target also find great value in using the Communications Playbooks to understand and engage with these "Gen-Z" young adults, and nurture them for intern and apprenticeship programs.

RemotelyMe Helps Kollab Youth Non-Profit

The Right People. The Right Seats. The Right Way.™

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  • 10% of decision-making brain

  • 45 min, 30% completion rate

  • 50 to 70% accuracy

  • Expensive & complex

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  • 100% of decision-making brain

  • 9-min, 97% completion rate

  • 92%+ accuracy

  • Inexpensive and simple

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