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Human Risk Management for MSPs

We help solve the top four challenges for


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Datto says the top four challenges reported by Managed Services/Security Providers (MSPs/MSSPs) are client security concerns, work/life balance, recruiting & retention, and acquiring new customers. Virtually no business, IT, or cybersecurity software solutions can solve all of these. But the right HRM platform can.

Gallup says almost 80% of your workers don't trust employers and are disengaged, leading to 60% more mistakes. Over 18% may be actively harming your firm and clients. Do you know which ones? Forrester, Gartner, and IBM say these mistakes lead to 90%+ of security breaches. One mistake can cost you a client, or worse. Do you know which IT, security, or other personnel pose the highest disengagement or security risks?

77% Disengaged = 60% More Mistakes = 90% of Security Breaches

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Your clients likely require you to use a framework like the Center for Internet Security (CIS18) or the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) 2.0, which now has a new Govern Function. CIS18 has similar User requirements. IT & security solutions don't cover these.


Both frameworks have "people" requirements for communications, risk-aware cultures, roles, responsibilities, supply chains, and human resources practices. NIST and DoD Zero Trust frameworks have "User" as the first pillar. If anyone on your team is disgruntled and can't be trusted, you could lose a client. 


Have your team complete the RemotelyMe Career Quotient Indicator (CQI) assessment in 9 minutes.


RemotelyMe completes an analysis for soft skills, attributes, strengths, leadership qualities, trust factors, and risk issues and provides detailed reports in a dashboard. Reports and dashboards also show business cyber risk and category risk scores, as well as compliance risks scores for NIST and other frameworks and mandates. Included are toolkits, awareness posters, training reports, and more.

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The RemotelyMe HITAP training platform includes dozens of security & awareness training courses that are fast, visual, and entertaining that you can use internally and offer your clients. You can also run phishing simulations to test effectiveness. Unlike other HRM solutions, our courses are personalized based on learner types (determined by CQI assessments) to ensure 60% higher content retention.


Forrester and Gartner say basic training is no longer adequate. HITAP helps your clients create high-trust, low-risk security cultures by also offering courses to improve trust, soft skills, engagement, and leadership skills. HITAP prescribes continuous "checkups" to improve scores for each individual and ensure they're engaged and low risk. They can certify as High Trust Accredited Professionals, which impresses auditors and provides your clients with a competitive advantage.

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RemotelyMe Awards

High trust for privileged access management (PAM) and physical security 

RemotelyMe has partnered with Alert Enterprise, the leader in PAM and badged physical security access. Now you can allow or deny access to sensitive information and locations based on user trust.

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