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Top Trends in Talent Acquisition for 2023

(Contributing Author, Josh Galle, is an Advisory Board member for RemotelyMe and Corporate Talent Acquisition Manager for Petoskey Plastics Inc.)

What's going to be the #1 and #2 trend in talent sourcing in 2023, and Why?

In 2023, the rising need and use of data-driven recruiting, as well as the reality that more candidates/employees are looking for companies that promote work-life integration:

First, data-driven recruiting. Business executives and hiring managers alike are seeking real-time data to inform and guide all their recruitment and hiring efforts. This means Human Resources & Talent Acquisition professionals must continuously focus on all their talent acquisition and talent management systems, ensuring they are capturing accurate data from initial sourcing, through the hiring process, onboarding, retention, and then inevitably tracking exit interview data. Then HR/TA must have the ability to parse and provide meaningful analysis and advise business executives on what the data says, and how to pivot to ensure a solid talent acquisition and talent management function to sustain business growth. The talent market is now more competitive than ever! Secondly, candidates/employees are focused on work-life integration. Many people these days admit they prefer to put in hours when it's most convenient, and to take care of personal responsibilities as needed. (Think: working a few hours in the morning, taking an afternoon break for an appointment or to pick up kids, then back to work...) Others desire to work a non-standard compressed work schedule, such as longer hour days, but fewer consecutive days worked.

At Petoskey Plastics we are a family-owned business, with a track record as a family-friendly work environment. Most of our positions are classified as “continuous operations” in our manufacturing plants, which run 24/7/365. Petoskey Plastics leans on 50+ years of experience, and we split our workforce into manageable shifts: “A, B, C, D.” Typically 12-hour shifts, our associates work a few days, and then have a few days off. This schedule provides even our most entry level associates with back-to-back days of time off to handle personal matters. We also reward our associates with generous paid time off that begins to accrue just 2 weeks after one’s start date! Most associates accrue 40 hours over the course of 6 months, then an additional 80 hours on each work anniversary.

Of course, there are other trends in talent acquisition, but these two seem to be of increasing importance for most employers seeking to attract and retain talent.


Contributing author: Josh Galle, SHRM-SCP

Josh Galle is the Corporate Talent Acquisition Manager for Petoskey Plastics Inc. as well as he is a proud Marine Corps Combat Veteran, and on the Advisory Board for RemotelyMe.

Petoskey Plastics operates plants in Petoskey, Michigan, Hartford City Indiana, Morristown, Tennessee, and McKinney, Texas. Petoskey Plastics is an environmentally focused film, bag, and resin manufacturer providing superior products & solutions for clients worldwide. For more information about Petoskey Plastics, please visit To review career opportunities with Petoskey Plastics, please visit their website at

Talent Acquisition Trends
Talent Acquisition Trends

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