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RemotelyMe Steps to Success

The RemotelyMe Recruiting platform solves several HR issues such as:

  • Team diagnostics: Are the right people in the right seats?

  • Recruiting: Can we find the best talent and win them over?

  • Assessments: How do we match candidates against top performers? 

  • Productivity: How do we build a productive high-trust team?

  • DE&I: How can ensure diversity, equity & inclusion and lower legal risks?


The RemotelyMe Process

Step 1

The Right Seats

Almost half of all new hires fail or quit within 18 months, nearly 20% within 3 months. Quiet quitting has also become a huge problem for many firms, and Gallup studies show that less than one third of employees are engaged. This is most often due to having the wrong people in the wrong seats. You can't fire everyone, but you can assess your top performers and match their profiles and attributes against others to move people to the right seats, or politely ask them to move on.

Step 2

The Right People


Almost 70% of the best are not looking. Once you have top performer profiles, you can use the RemotelyMe LinkedIn AI to find and pre-assess passive candidates with one click. The app makes it easy to screen talent for outreach by extracting, analyzing, and scoring LinkedIn data like skills and recommendations. Once you create a short list, use RemotelyMe's Triune Brain Visual Profiling™ assessment tests to match candidates against industry data and top performer profiles to avoid hiring bad apples. The RemotelyMe platform includes a robust Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that integrates with popular HRIS systems like Workday.

Step 3

The Right Way

Other talent assessment solutions are complex, expensive, outdated, and unscientific. Text-based tests take 45 minutes on average with only a 30 percent completion rate. They appeal to only 10 percent of the decision-making brain, making them 50 to 70 percent accurate. RemotelyMe's patent-pending visual neuroscience storytelling technology takes only 9 minutes, appeals to 100 percent of the decision-making brain, has a 97 percent completion rate and proven 92+ percent accuracy. Only RemotelyMe can ensure unbiased and accurate DE&I, lower legal risks, and score for critical soft skills, including TRUST.

Step 4

The Right Help

It's a tight talent market. Almost 90 percent of the best candidates are hired by others, perhaps even a competitor. Most candidates say "no" due to an underwhelming interaction with hiring managers. RemotelyMe solves that problem by providing Communications Playbooks that use AI copy and image generators to instantly create the perfect emails, LinkedIn messages, phone scripts, and graphics to win candidates. Each Playbook provides "copy and paste" AI prompts, as well as candidate profile overviews, motivators, DOs and DON'Ts, keywords & colors to use, and templates for email, LinkedIn messages, video calls and phone conversations.

Step 5

The Right Engagement

Gallup says engaged employees drive 20 percent more revenue, but a simple test asking whether they like their job, boss, and dog is not enough. RemotelyMe offers neuroscience-personalized and private weekly check-in questionnaires that can help employees perform at their best. The system recommends personal and professional development actions and courses to improve trust and soft skill scores. Frequent team diagnostics has been proven to drive more engagement, and therefore more productivity and revenue.

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